Marc Andre’ is a bassist, composer, arranger,and producer, who brings a unique style of music, which he calls, “ The Fifth Avenue Funk “, which he describes as, old-school-hip-hop-funked-out-with-a-hump-and-a-reggae-jazz-twist !!! Marc Andre’ began his journey in high school, attending the Summer Jazz Workshop, in Houston, Texas, and winning several awards, at the various high school jazz festivals. He attended college, at the University of North Texas, where he played with the fusion band, Metro Mainline. Marc Andre’ was an artist, on the 5th Avenue Records label, which produced the hits,”Smile” and “Quiet Storm”. Marc Andre’ has toured and played with several artists, from Bobby Byrd & Vicky Anderson, to Dorinda Clark-Cole. I hope that you enjoy this journey, that will make your head move !!!                                                                                                                                                 “Black Marc”